Silicone-silicate decorative plaster “Rolosil Si & Si”

“Rolosil Si & Si” is a high-quality decorative mortar based on synthetic, silicone and silicate materials, marble fillers, special additives and micro-reinforced synthetic fibers. It is characterized by high strength and water repellency. It has excellent vapor permeability, which allows it to be the final layer in the construction of thermal insulation systems with stone wool, as well as with styrofoam, graphite styrofoam and styrodur. It is resistant to weather and UV rays. It is used for protection and decoration of exterior and interior mineral wall surfaces. It is produced in white color, but it can be toned according to the MAXIMIX System, in shades marked with F.

“Rolosil Si & Si” is ideal for:
• External use .

• Additionally protected against algae and fungi .
• ETA certified.
• Resistant to weather impact.
• Ready for use.

• 25 kg.

Application temperature: Optimum application temperature ranges from +10 °C do +30 °C. It must not be used below +5 °C as well as in bright sunshine, wind, fog and rain. Protect the newly coated surfaces, in optimum conditions, from the weather impact for at least 24 hours.

Scraped: 1,5 mm ≈ 2,7 kg/m²; 2,0 mm ≈ 3,0 kg/m².
Smoothed: 1,5 mm ≈ 2,9 kg/m²; 2,0 mm ≈ 3,3 kg/m².

Shelf life and storage: 12 months from the date of production stated on the packaging. Keep in the original, properly sealed and undamaged packaging at the temperatures ranging from +5 °C do +25 °C, protected from the direct sunlight.

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