Special effects paint “Maxidecor Sahara”

“Maxidecor Sahara” is a special effects paint of superb quality made on basis of water dispersion of acrylic binder, fillers, special additives and special effect pigments. The paint has a washable coating with good water vapour permeability, harmless to people and environment. It is easy to apply. It is used for protection and decoration of interior wall surfaces where a subtle appearance, sophisticated like silk, is desired. It can be tinted in “Maxmix” system in accordance with “Maxidecor Sahara” colour chart.



“Maxidecor Sahara” is ideal for:
• Interior use .

• Resistant to wet scrubbing .
• Ready for use.
• ECO.

• 1 L, 3 L.

Application temperature: Optimum application temperature ranges from +10 °C do +25 °C. It must not be used below +5 °C.

Consumption: 7–9 m²/L depending on the roughness and absorption capacity of substrate, technique and manner of application.

Shelf life and storage: 18 months from the date of production stated on the packaging. Keep in the original, properly sealed and undamaged packaging at the temperatures ranging from +5 °C do +25 °C, protected from the direct sunlight.

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