Two-component epoxy varnish for stone, concrete and wood “Neodur Varnish”

Two-component transparent polyurethane varnish based on aliphatic polyisocyanates. It has long-lasting resistance to solar radiation, not yellowing or losing its luster, even after many years. High chemical and mechanical resistance (diluted acids, alkalis). Very good adhesion on polyester and galvanized sheet metal.

”Neodur Varnish” is ideal for:
• Concrete, stone, polyester, metal, wood, industrial surfaces and floors.
• Wooden and metal boats and structures by the sea.
• Protective varnish as a UV protection layer in swimming pools.
• Protective varnish after laying the epoxy systems Epoxol Floor, Neopox, on floors, for fixing the decorative flakes Neoglit.
• Two weeks after painting, as anti-graphite protection. Graffiti spray can be removed with a solution of acetone and soap, washing the solution off with hot water under pressure.

• Resistant to water, sea water, bases, UV radiation, industrial atmosphere and adverse climatic conditions.
• Very strong adhesion to polyester or galvanized steel.
• Resistant to erasure.
• Keeps its gloss well.

Polyurethane varnish

Color: transparent

Density: 0.98 g/cm3

Mixing ratio /proportions by weight/: 7.2 A + 2.8 V

Consumption rate: 6 – 8 m2 / kg

Drying time: 2-3 hours

Overlap time: after 24 hours

Applicability: 12 – 18 hours

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