Cement phaser “Betopan”

The material “Betopan”, one of the favorites of the construction sector and has been produced since 1984. It is made of safe materials such as wood, cement and chemical additives. Its lightness, elasticity and easy workability come from the wood, and its resistance to water and moisture, corrosion and fire is provided by the presence of cement. The material is offered to customers with a wide range of structural characteristics. The production of “Betopan” includes the use of natural and traditional materials such as wood, cement and other mineralized materials that are not harmful to human health.

“Betopan” can be used from the foundations to the ceiling – in all interior spaces. “Betopan” is a material that can be used in wet rooms and facades, thanks to its resistance to moisture.

• Light material, easy and quick to install.
• The material is not plastic, it is resistant to insects.
• Easy workability.
• Resistant to water and moisture (will not swell or warp), corrosion and fire.
• Does not contain ingredients harmful to health.
• The material is excellent heat and sound insulation.
• The material is ideal for prefabricated structures.

Thicknesses: 08/10/12/14/16/18/20/24/30
Width: 1250 mm.
Length: 2500 / 2800 / 3000 mm.

Water resistance: “Betopan” swells slightly (1.5%) when immersed in water for 24 hours.

Mold growth:
1. Due to its resistance to moisture, Betopan does not develop molds.
2. It is resistant to insects and pests.

Fire resistance / European classification:
Fire resistance standard: TS EN 13501-1
Smoke: s1
Falling particles or burning drops: d0

Thermal insulation: “Betopan” with a thickness of 1 cm provides the same thermal insulation as concrete with a thickness of 10 cm. The thermal insulation of a sandwich wall, with a thickness of 8.4 cm, covered on both sides with “Betopan”, is equivalent to the insulation of hollow bricks with a thickness of 39 see

Impact and impact resistance: The material has the highest impact and impact resistance compared to other similar materials.

Material weight: The material is very light, for example, “Betopan” with a thickness of 10 mm weighs 13 kg./m2.

Sound absorption coefficient:
Between 250 Hz – 500 Hz: 0.10
Between 1000 Hz – 2000 Hz: 0.300

*The material is only available upon request.

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