Sound insulation for wooden floors “Isolgomma Basewood”

“Basewood” is a product created from the successful experience of “Isolgomma” in the field of soundproofing mats. The pad has a manufacturing process similar to other roller lines, which is SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) fibers and rubber granules compacted using a latex binder in a hot process. On one side, the base is a black or colored synthetic, non-woven anti-stretch backing. This technology supports the smoothness of the floor surface and improves the insulation effect without compromising the stability of the flooring. “Basewood” is an ideal renovation product, in cases where screeds cannot be removed, but intervention is needed to improve footfall noise and general room acoustics. It can be installed over existing floors and used under finished parquet or laminate flooring of any thickness and size.

Products from the “Basewood”, “Sylwood” and “Sylcer” lines integrate perfectly into the floor system. These products are particularly recommended for renovation. The pads reduce impact noise, contribute to walking comfort, and improve the thermal properties of the floor. The “Basewood” product has been specially developed to meet any sound insulation requirements in the restructuring and improvement of existing flooring, including normal or ready-to-use wooden flooring.

“Basewood” can be easily laid directly under wooden floors and details. The products are ideal for sound insulation in the following cases:

• Restoration of traditional or any type of wooden flooring – parquet, laminate, carpet and others.

• Sound insulation of existing floors, in accordance with local design norms.

• Suitable for heated floors.

Certified acoustic improvement: The “Basewood” underlay provides maximum acoustic characteristics in a limited space.

Adaptability: Depending on the type of support used, the product can be laid dry or glued.

Reduction of installation costs: Thanks to its dry formula, “Basewood” does not require the use of glue and can be easily replaced, which greatly reduces impact noise in very limited spaces.

• Minimum thickness.

Soundproofing membrane on a roll with thickness: 4.5 mm.
Manufactured from SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) fibers and rubber granules, sealed using a latex binder in a hot process. On one side, the base is a black or colored synthetic non-woven anti-stretch backing 90 g/m².

Length: 10 m.

Width: 104cm including 4cm overlap strip during installation.

Membrane weight: 1.00 kg / m².

Dynamic hardness: 33 MN / m³.

Installation: before flooring, without gluing.

Impact noise improvement: ≥ 20 dB

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