Sound insulation under ceramic or stone floors “Isolgomma Sylcer”

The “Sylcer” series are innovative, high-quality products, ideal for improving the sound insulation of existing buildings during restoration work on floors with ceramic coatings.
“Sylcer” is a high-density, low-thickness pad made of SBR and EPDM regenerated rubber that absorbs walking noise in accordance with local design norms. It is laid directly on existing floors /without destroying them/ or on existing concrete, and a new ceramic or stone coating can be directly laid on top.

The “Sylcer” series is part of our family of rubber products, created with ecological technology and production processes that allow the use of more than 92% of recycled and / or regenerated materials.

Products from the “Basewood”, “Sylwood” and “Sylcer” lines integrate perfectly into the floor system. These products are particularly recommended for renovation. The pads reduce impact noise, contribute to walking comfort, and improve the thermal properties of the floor.

The products are ideal for sound insulation in the following cases:

• Reconstruction of ceramic floors or natural stone floors.

• Improving sound insulation of existing floors to meet local design standards

• Suitable for heated floors.

Certified acoustic improvement: “Sylcer” underlay provides maximum acoustic performance in existing floors in all types of building renovation operations.

Adaptability: The special porosity of the surface increases the adhesion of the adhesives. The product acts as a barrier layer where there are uneven surfaces.

Reduce laying costs: The size of the roll allows for fast and accurate laying. The surface coating allows excellent adhesion without loss of adhesive.

• Minimum thickness.

• Ecological product.

Sound insulation membrane in a roll with a thickness of 3 mm.

Manufactured from SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) and EPDM regenerated rubber fibers and granules, sealed with a latex binder in a hot process.

Length: 20 m.
Width: 1 m.
Membrane weight: 2.46 kg/m².
Dynamic hardness: 180 MN/m³.
Installation: with glue before flooring

Impact noise improvement: 17 dB

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