Mineral wool for ovens and stoves “Izocam”

Mineral wool rolls with a white color, specially produced without binders. The roll is given rigidity with the help of a needle punching technique. The permanent maximum working temperature is 500°, which makes it suitable for thermal insulation of stoves and ovens. The class of reaction to fire of mineral wool on a roll is A1 – non-combustible material. It is produced without or with a thick aluminum foil coating. The thickness of mineral wool for ovens and stoves can be 20, 25 or 30 mm.

“Izocam” mineral wool for ovens and stoves is ideal for:

• Ovens.
• Stoves.

• Very good thermal insulation properties.
• Easy installation.
• Without smell.

Width and length:

• 450 x 1750 mm. – Thickness: 20,25,30 mm.
• 450 х 1200 mm. – Thickness: 20 mm.
• 340 х 1000 mm. – Thickness: 25 mm.
• 370 х 1730 mm. – Thickness: 25 mm.

Минерална вата за фурни и печки “Izocam”

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