Mineral wool rolls with aluminum foil “Izocam”

Insulating a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with mineral wool with aluminum foil is important because ducts and pipes act as conduits for everything from heat and noise to smoke and fire. “Izocam” mineral wool insulation reduces vibrations and noise occurring during air movement. Prevents the appearance of condensation on the outer and inner surface of the pipe. Reduces heat transfer between the environment and the air in the system. A well-insulated system can operate at a reduced load because heat loss is reduced and the air can be kept close to the desired temperatures. The aluminum foil rolls are flexible, easy to cut and install on rectangular or curved surfaces.

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Mineral wool rolls with aluminum foil by “Izocam” are ideal for the thermal insulation of:

• Heating systems.
• Ventilation and air conditioning systems.

• Very good thermal insulation properties.
• Fire safety.
• Fast and easy installation.
• High sound and vibration insulation.
• Lightweight material.

Flexible roll of glass mineral wool with thicknesses from 2.50 cm to 20 cm.
Width: 120 cm.
Lengths: 500 cm – 2400 cm.

Their application temperature is up to 250º C.

Минерална вата на рула с алуминиево фолио “Izocam”

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