Prefabricated duct “Izocam”

Glass wool, produced as high density rigid boards, composed of resin bonded glass fibres. The boards are coated with aluminium foil as an air barrier /vapour retarder/ and a black glass veil – laid on the inside where the air flow flows. A great advantage of the material is that the ducts, which are made out of it, can be easily cut and assembled directly on the construction site. This makes fabrication more precise and with a minimum amount of waste.

Compared to metal ducts, those made of glass wool are much lighter in weight. The material should not be used in locations where the relative humidity exceeds 95%. They can be used in systems where the maximum air velocity is 12 m/sn and the maximum internal pressure is 51 mmSS. The glass wool boards have excellent sound absorbing qualities. This results in the reduction of noise generated by ventilation systems.

The prefabricated glass wool duct “Izocam” is ideal for: construction of ducts intended for:

• Heating installations.
• Ventillation installations.
• Air conditioning installations.

• High thermal insulation.
• Fire safety.
• Fast and easy installation.
• High sound and vibration insulation.
• Lightweight material.

After folding the duct, the joints are clamped with staples and then all the ends are taped with aluminium tape. Each module is connected to the next using the same tape. Once the holes have been drilled to fix the vents, the duct is ready for fixing to the ceiling. All suspension methods can be applied for the installation.
Thickness: 2.50 cm.
Width: 122 cm.
Length: 290 cm.

Минерална вата за изграждане на въздуховоди “Izocam”

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