Stone wool boards with a veil

It is used to insulate the ceilings of unheated spaces such as covered parking lots and garages in shopping centers and residential buildings. Ceiling insulation is essential to ensure thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection. This insulation increases the energy efficiency of the entire building. The comfort of living in the residential or office premises above these spaces increases significantly – the noise and the inflow of cold air are reduced. The wool also contributes to the acoustic correction of the spaces in which it is installed.

The stone wool is coated with a glass veil. The veil on two adjacent sides is wider than the plate and forms “wings”. The wool is fixed to the ceiling mechanically using suitable dowels. The veil “wings” cover the joints between the plates. The installed insulation has a finished look, without the need for additional materials and labor. It is made according to the customer’s order. Supplied palletized for easier transport and storage.

Stone wool boards with a veil is ideal for sound and thermal insulation of:

• Ceilings of unheated spaces such as covered parking lots and garages.

• Sealing the joints between individual plates.
• Achieving a finished appearance of the installed insulation.
• Fire safety.
• Thermal insulation.
• Sound insulation.

Каменна вата с воал на плочи

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