Underfloor heating in rolls

The polyethylene underlay is extremely flexible and easy to install, it is made of a vapor-tight material with a closed cell structure that is resistant to mold and harmful microorganisms.

It is used for heat and sound insulation under parquet, ceramics, carpet, etc. The material is flexible, vapor-tight, resistant to microorganisms and molds. Installs easily and quickly. Placing an underlay on the base on which the chosen flooring will be installed is a mandatory step prior to the installation of your laminate flooring. The underlay would help the laminate parquet adhere more tightly to the base, and if the appropriate thickness is chosen, it would also help to absorb unevenness differences in the base. In order to extend the “life” of your laminate flooring, reduce noise and heat emission values ​​and minimize the influence of unwanted side effects, the choice of the type of underlayment must be in accordance with the condition of the sub-parquet base and the need for heat and/or sound insulation.

• Thermal conductivity coefficient λ=0.038.
• Excellent vapor barrier.
• Very good sound insulation.
• Easy installation.
• Long life (80-100 years), preserving its physico-chemical properties; the material does not rot, resistant to mold, oil and gasoline.

This type of backing is available on a roll in thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 5mm. Standard material thicknesses are 3 and 5 mm. On request, it can be produced with a thickness of up to 60 mm. It is produced without coating or with aluminum foil coating. The underlay with one-sided coating of aluminum foil prevents the penetration of residual moisture into the parquet. When laying this type of underlay, it must be ensured that the foil is facing the base, as this helps to provide better thermal insulation and minimize the penetration of moisture from the base to the parquet. The maximum operating temperature is from -45°C to 80°C.

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