• Glass wool blankets IZOCAM

    It is used for sound and thermal insulation in attics, metal and wooden roofs, sandwich roofs, prefabricated houses from prefabricated sections, partition walls, cladding, floors (under the flooring), for additional insulation above suspended ceiling.

  • Prefabricated pipe IZOCAM

    Glass Wool Pipe Sections are manufactured from fine glass fibres of inorganic origin, bonded with a resinous binder and preformed into rigid sections, with pipe diameter of 1/4" to 14" (included) and 20 to 100 mm. insulation thickness. The lenght of the pipe sections is 1,20 m.

  • Rock wool facade boards IZOCAM

  • Rock wool wiremesh blankets IZOCAM

  • Partition wall boards - acoustic

    Application: For heat and sound insulation of partition walls and ceilings.