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Cement Bonded Particle Board

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Betopan®, a favorite of construction sector and manufactured since 1984, is manufactured with non-hazardous materials such as wood, cement and chemical additives. Lighweight, elasticity and workability comes from the wood, resistance to water and humidity, corrosion and fire is provided by cement, and is offered with superior structural characteristics to the users. Betopan can be used from ground up in all interior spaces.

Thickness: 08/10/12/14/16/18/20/24/30
Width: 1250 mm.
Length: 2500 / 2800 / 3000 mm.

No ingredients harmfull to health is contained. Perfect sound and heat insulation. Ideal for prefabric structures. Will not expand or molding in water. Not affected by humidity. Non-plastic. Insect-resistant. Inflammable. Fast and easy mounting... In addition to ease of procurement, panel lightness and durability, products are widely preferred outside of construction sector at food industries such as poultery, greenhouse, fishery, etc. Where hygiene is at the forefront.

  • BETOPAN production involves use of natural and traditional materials such as wood and cement and other mineralization materials not harmful to human health. 
  • Moisture Resistance - BETOPAN is the right material required for wet areas and exterior façades for its resistance to moisture.
  • Water Resistance - BETOPAN swells negligibly (1.5%) when immersed in water for 24 hours.
  • Non-molding
    1- BETOPAN does not mold due to its moisture resistance.
    2- It is resistant to insects and pests.
    3- BETOPAN does not host insects and pests due to its cement content.
  • Fire Resistance (European Classification)
    Fire resistance standard : TS EN 13501-1
    Burn : B1
    Smoke : s1
    Fall of particles or burning drips : d0
  • Thermal insulation - A BETOPAN layer of 1 cm in thickness provides the same thermal insulation as a 10 cm thick concrete. Thermal insulation provided by a 8.4 cm thick sandwich wall covered with BETOPAN on both surfaces can be equal to that provided by 39 cm thick insulated air bricks.
  • Crash and Impact Resistance - The material has the highest resistance to impact and crash among similar materials.
  • Lightness - It is a light material. For example, 10 mm thick BETOPAN weighs 13 kg/m2.
  • Sound Absorption Coefficient:
    Between 250 Hz - 500 Hz: 0.10
    Between 1000 Hz - 2000 Hz: 0.30

*The material is only by request.