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Two-component epoxy concrete paint

EPOKSIL is a two-component epoxy-based coating of an aqueous solution of modified epoxy resin, filler, pigments, special additives. It can be used mainly for the protection of floors in garages, small equipment, boiler and laundry rooms, storages, intercepting containers and pools under tanks containing fuel and other oils as well as in storage of other aggressive liquids.


It is characterized by a high resistance to chemical and mechanical wear and tear.

Technical sheets:

Consumption rate: 180-200 ml /m2 for two layers application; density:A: apx. 1.50 kg/l, B: apx. 1.05 kg/l; μ factor: apx. 22000. Sd value (EN ISO 7783-2): <2.2 m. Water absorption w24 (EN 1062-3):<0.03 kg/m2h0.5; Drying time before the second layer (T: +20 ºC, relative humidity 65%): 12 – 48 hours; light loading after apx. 24 hours (20ºC); mechanical loading after apx.5 days (20 ºC); maximal loading after apx. 10 days; diffusion resistance of C02, SdCO2 (EN 1062-6): 170 m (d=100μm); adhesion to cement (EN 1542) : > 2 N / mm2.

Color shades:

5 shadows of The JUB color chart for concrete paints: grey (2), beige (3), rusty (7), green (8) and sandy gray (10).


Consumption per m²:

400 g


6 kg