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Joints Fillers, Adhesives, Plasters

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Uniflott, Joint filler - lightweight, Perlfiks, Satengips, MP - 75 Plaster, Rotband finish, Universal joint filler and plaster Sheetrock.

Dry gypsum mixture with special additives for manual filling of the joints of building surfaces(gypsum board, gypsum fiber, etc.) and surface filling.
Joint filler - lightweight
Dry plaster for grouting construction joints of gypsummeans of reinforcing bar, and surface filling.
Gypsum adhesive for bonding building gypsum plasterboard on the masonry and concrete.
Finished mortar mixed with special additives enabling filling of large areas with thin and perfect smoothness. Allows small fillings.
MP - 75 Plaster
Plaster for walls and ceilings of rooms with normal humidityincluding kitchens andbathrooms.
Rotband finish
Ready to use putty mixture of flat and very smooth surface.The thickness of the layer is 0 to 3 mm. Applied in: last hand on the joints of plasterboard, thin to fully filling the surfacebefore painting.

Universal joint filler and plaster Sheetrock

It is ready to use, easy to use product with Used as first and second and third hand a paste consistency.

-          used as first and second and as third hand

-          ready to use, with minimal agitation, dilution or other treatment

-          easy to apply, long-lasting results

-          complete plaster - level Q4


The universal, ready to use joint filler and plaster SHEETROCK contains binders based on vinyl, and other ingredients which provide excellent performance of the joint filler, much better than the quality of other ready to use products. His thick and smooth texture provides excellent coating and sealing characteristics, and operating comfort. The product can be used directly from the package, and it requires almost no stirring, dilution or other treatment. The treatment of joints and walls of plasterboard or plaster is done quickly and easily by reducing labor costs while improving the appearance and quality of finishing.