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Glass wool boards IZOCAM for floors

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Glass wool boards for building floating floors, produced by company Izocam. The floating floors are floors that do not lie directly on the supporting structure and are separated from it by sound-absorbing insulation (glass wool) which reduce noise levels. The glass wool boards are with high basic compressive strength so they could resist  the weight of the upper layers of the movable floor structure, at the same time  is enough flexible to reduce vibration, i.e. to absorb impact noise, providing high quality sound protection.

Separating peripheral strips of mineral wool are placed along the walls. They prevent the transmission of impact noise from the floor construction to the wall and further to the other rooms. The glass wool boards are laid close to each other.  They are covering with PE or PVC foil in order to protect the insulation from moisture during the laying of the cement screed. A layer of cement screed (min. tickness 4 cm) is applied above the glass wool boards and in the end a final floor covering as desired.


Provides excellent thermal insulation 
Fire-proof “A1 Non-combustible” class
Sound and vibration insulation
Easy to instal

The glass wool board is produced with density 90 kg/m3., uncovered and the dimensions are 60 cm x 120 cm, thickness 2,3 and 5 cm.


Properties Unit Description Tolerans Standart
Density  kg / m3 90 `+/- 10% -
Width mm 600 TS EN 822
Length mm 1200 TS EN 822
Thickness mm different thickness T1 (**) TS EN 823
Covering - uncovered - -
Reaction to fire - A1 - TS EN 13501-1
Dimensional Stability % max.1 TS EN 1604

Coefficient of
thermal conductivity
Declared value
(10 ° C)

W/mK 0,031 - TS EN 12667/12939
Maximum Service Temperature


250 - TS EN 14706
Specific Heat (***) kJ/(kg,K) 0,84 - EN 12524

Water Vapor Diffusion
Resistance Coefficient (***)

- 1 - TS EN 12086
Dynamic Elasticity (***)


0,8 - DIN 52214
Packaging material
- PE Film - -