We know that “every business is just an idea of how to make people’s lives better”. One idea is where it all started for us in 1994 when Ani and Rоumen Tzonevski founded the Bulgarian trading company “Di Trade Group Ltd.”

For 30 years we have been one of the established and leading companies for insulation materials, dry construction and construction chemicals on the Bulgarian market. We specialise in providing flexible and constructive solutions that improve the quality of life, tailored to all requirements of the construction industry!

Currently, the company has its own sales centres in Sofia, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo as well as a fleet and distribution network throughout the entire country. Among our customers are large trade exchanges, proven construction companies, established investors and manufacturing companies.

Our team of experienced specialists guarantees the selection of the most suitable materials to achieve the client’s desired result.

Our services include the selection of the right building systems, transportation and installation.

Over the years, we have completed numerous projects including: residential and commercial buildings, industrial premises, community centres and projects of national importance. We have also gained experience in the acoustic treatment of recording studios, conference rooms, restaurants and hotels. Our completed projects have received positive references from architects, private individuals and proven construction companies.

Our customers and partners choose us because we pay special attention to each project, offer optimal deadlines and keep our promises. Our corporate values of loyalty, responsibility, motivation and passion for our work have resulted in solid partnerships that have stood the test of time. Our team believes that “success does not come to those who follow the beaten path, but to the dreamers because they are the ones who make the world go round”!

With great respect to all current and potential clients!

Thank you!

Ani Tzonevskа

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