Stone wool industrial blankets with galvanised wire “Izocam”

Stone wool industrial blankets with galvanised wire are used for thermal insulation and fire protection of high-temperature equipment, installations, tanks, large-diameter pipelines, furnaces and chimneys. Depending on the application, the rolls are produced with two types of wire – galvanised (galvanized) or stainless. It is available in several densities and depending on this has different technical properties. IZOCAM stone wool is certified according to TS EN 14303 – Thermal insulation products for building structures and industrial installations. The maximum operating temperature of the material is 650°C. The fire reaction class is A1 – non-combustible material.

The industrial blankets are cut to size and wrapped over the surface to be insulated. In the case of splices, the rolls are fastened well with galvanized wire. When installed on large surfaces, the rolls are threaded onto studs and retaining washers are placed on top of the studs. On top of the insulation a protective coating is placed – insulating screed or sheet metal sheathing.


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Izocam’s stone wool industrial blankets with galvanised wire are ideal for thermal insulation in the following cases:

• High temperature facilities.

• Installations.

• Tanks.

• Large diameter pipelines.

• Insulation of equipment and installations with high operating temperature in industrial construction.

• Fire safety.

• Very good thermal insulation characteristics.

• Sound insulation.

Easy installation.

Каменна вата на рула с рабицова мрежа

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