Acoustic panel “FireX”

“FireX” is an acoustic panel composed of flexible polyurethane acoustic foam for noise isolation and sound insulation. The panel is impregnated with a large amount of flame retardants, which makes it difficult to burn. It does not melt or change its structure.

• Acoustics in construction.
• Recording studios.
• Concert and rehearsal halls.
• Restaurants, bars, discotheques.
• Shipbuilding.
• Car Industry.
• Air conditioning installations.
• Light industry.

• Does not emit dangerous gases.
• Excellent acoustic values ​​at high and medium frequencies.
• Good thermal insulation values.
• Surface – pyramidal or smooth.

Design: Pyramidal, sleek and smooth with aluminum foil coating
Form: Roll or uncompressed sheets
Pyramid height: 3+1 cm and 4+1 cm. Sheet size – 1.00 x 2.00 m.
Thickness: 10, 20 and 30 mm.
Density: 75 – 110 kg/m3
Black color

The material can be colored and its functionality can be optimized according to the interior.

Акустичен панел “FireX”

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