Stone wool prefabricated pipes “Izocam”

It is used for heat, sound insulation and fire protection of all types of cold and hot pipes, as well as for industrial pipelines and installations in industrial construction. The maximum working temperature of the material is + 600°C. The modules are high density and can be without or with an aluminum foil cover. They are certified according to standard TS EN 14303 – Thermal insulation products for construction facilities and industrial installations.

The appropriate diameter of the insulation module is selected depending on the outside diameter of the pipe to be insulated. The tube modules have a longitudinal cut on one side and are easy to install. When installed outdoors, a protective coating must be laid on them – a bitumen membrane or sheet metal cladding. The stone wool of pipes covered with aluminum foil has a self-adhesive aluminum patch along its length, with which the longitudinal section of the insulation is glued during installation. The foil acts as a vapor barrier. The joints between the individual modules are additionally bandaged with aluminum tape. Knee insulation is made by cutting segments from straight modules, depending on the curve of the knee.

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“Izocam” stone wool prefabricated pipes are ideal for sound and thermal insulation of:

• All types of cold and hot pipes.
• Industrial pipelines and installations in industrial construction.

• Very good thermal insulation properties.
• Fire safety.
• Fast and easy installation.
• High sound and vibration insulation.

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