Hanger “Knauf Vernier” upper part

Vernier hanger – upper part is used in combination with vernier hanger lower part and one vernier spline. It can be connected with a vernier link and with a vernier top. With the help of this element, sub-structures of ceilings can be performed as the suspension moves in a large height range.

The vernier system is used for safe and secure suspension of the supporting profiles from the suspended ceiling structure. Connecting the upper and lower parts using a vernier splint (1 piece) or a vernier clip (2 pieces) creates a particularly secure and strong connection. For fire protection requirements, the vernier hanger is the right choice due to its high carrying capacity and the ability to screw the hanger to the profile.

Load capacity: 0.4kN (40kg).

Dimensions: 300/ 500/ 1000mm.

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