Revision flaps “Knauf Revo 12.5”

In Knauf Alutop ® “REVO” the diamond or plasterboard insert of the cover is glued. Thus plastering (for Q1 and Q2) is unnecessary, just paint and you’re done. This saves time when installing Knauf Alutop® “REVO”. In addition, it is made with a catch guard and patented pressure closure, meeting modern security requirements. For installation in ceilings and walls in boards with a thickness of up to 12.5 mm. Frame made of eluxed aluminum.

Field of application of standard gypsum boards “Knauf Alutop ® REVO”:

• All systems for walls and ceilings, without special construction-physical requirements.

• Connecting the surfaces by the glued insert makes putty redundant.
• Free shaping options and a higher degree of fit.
• Possibility of placement at a later time.
• Possibility of installation in perforated ceiling boards.
• Precise fit when tiling in the sanitary area.

• 12.5 mm Diamant plate: DIN: GKFI / EN 520: DFH2IR.
• ≤ 600 mm with glued board.
• Flat surface (Q1 – Q2 without additional processing, Q3 possible with additional processing).
• Light hole = on the size.
• Maximum size for single body valve 1200 x 1200 mm on request.

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