Boards “Rigips Fonic”

“Rigips Fonic” boards have a gypsum core with increased density, additionally treated for better sound insulation qualities. The core of the boards is reinforced with fiberglass and covered with blue cardboard. The end result is the “Rigips Fonic” board with increased sound insulation qualities.
The replacement of standard plasterboards with the new “Rigips Fonic” boards in a standard plasterboard partition wall with UW/CW 75 profile construction increases its double insulation qualities by 4 dB.

“Rigips Fonic” is compatible with all drywall systems – partition walls, dry plasters, ceilings, and is installed in exactly the same way as standard plasterboard.
The minimum sound insulation levels between certain basic types of premises in the different types of buildings according to Ordinance REGULATION No. 4 are as follows:

In residential buildings:
• Partition walls in homes – 40 dB
• Walls between dwellings and staircases, walls between dwellings and premises for service activities and walls between dwellings and sanitary-hygienic premises – 53 dB

In hotels and social care establishments:
• Walls between bedrooms and between corridors and bedrooms – 47 dB

In medical facilities:
• Walls between hospital rooms, corridors and hospital rooms, offices, corridors and offices, hospital rooms and service rooms – 47 dB

In educational and children’s institutions:
• Walls between classrooms (offices) and between classrooms (offices) and corridors – 47 dB
• Walls between classrooms (offices) and staircases – 52 dB
• Walls between classrooms (offices) and rooms with noise levels above 75 dBA (sports halls, music rooms, technical workshops and offices, etc.) – 55 dB

In buildings for public service activities:
• Walls between offices, meeting rooms and corridors, lobbies – 47 dB
• Walls between work rooms and corridors, lobbies, sanitary and technical rooms – 42 dB

Reduces sound discomfort by 60%! The best way to prevent the harmful effects of noise is prior acoustic planning of the interior and provision of “quiet” areas in the building.

By using “Rigips Fonic” boards in the construction of partition walls with a single-layer cladding and a thickness of 100 mm, you get a partition wall with a sound insulation index 4 dB higher than that of the same wall built with standard Rigips RB 12.55 mm plasterboard.

Specialized accessories for Rigips Fonic systems include:
• Profiles “Rigips Fonic” SP75 with a special shape that further helps to reduce air transfer.

Partition wall with three-layer “Rigips Fonic” cladding and special acoustic profiles Rigips SP75 has a sound insulation index of 59 dB, which exceeds by 4dB the requirement for partition walls even between the noisiest rooms in public buildings, such as partitions between sports halls and the cool ones
rooms in schools.

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