Sound insulation panels “Celenit”

“Celenit” surfaces are sustainable and effective soundproofing solutions composed entirely of natural materials: Mineralized pine wood particles, Portland cement, marble dust and water. Their manufacturing process is low carbon.

Environmentally compatible heat and sound insulation solutions.

The mission of “Celenit” is to provide the best heat and sound insulation solutions with natural boards that protect human health and the environment. The combination of pressed wood with Portland cement gives the material strength – a quality that is valued in the construction industry; the presence of Portland cement gives high resistance to water and frost, and exceptional mechanical properties such as resistance to bending and pressure. These characteristics make “Celenit” a material suitable for various purposes and construction applications. “Celenit” flats have an open cell structure, where air, wood and cement contribute to cover all insulation requirements and to extend the life of the building. In case of fire, it does not burn, drip, emit smoke or toxic gases, and does not spread the fire. The flat does not swell or break when wet. For more than 50 years, “Celenit” boards have presented ecological, heat and sound insulation solutions for improving the insulation of the building.

Acoustic ceilings

Designers can choose among several types of “Celenit ” acoustic ceiling applications, combining panel texture and dimensions, visible or hidden structures that can be fixed directly to the ceilings or suspended in order to increase acoustic absorption. The versatility of “Celenit ” panels allows applications in any context: offices and industrial environments that require large interspaces for installation; garages with flush fire-resistant applications; bars and restaurants that need a quick installation.

Acoustic wall coverings

olutions for high-performance sound absorption wall coverings for large or limited wall portions. The panels can be directly fixed to a structure, that is generally hidden, giving space to ideas, playing with different lengths, patterns, textures and color combinations.

Acoustic baffles and rafts

If the dimensions of the building to insulate are big enough, these very creative application solutions can provide great aesthetics and outstanding acoustic absorption performance.

Sports environments

Facilities for recreational activities, free time, sports and fitness require robust, durable and safe sound absorbing surfaces, which ensure the safety of users and aesthetics. Certified “Celenit” panels for sound absorption, fire resistance and ball impact resistance guarantee safety and comfort in them.

School buildings

“Celenit” provides maximum comfort solutions for school refurbishing with panels made from red fir wood wool that is mineralized and bound with Portland cement. The solutions for school buildings ensure maximum quality, durability, certified acoustic comfort, safety for pupils’ health and environment sustainability.

Restaurants and bars

Bar and restaurant owners often tend to underestimate the importance of acoustically insulating their premises. In reality, excessive background noise can annoy customers who may not come back and stress the staff who is forced to work for hours in an uncomfortable environment, which lowers their concentration and productivity. The acoustic solutions for interior design ensure comfort to customers and staff, creating a more relaxed and pleasurable environment that improves business productivity.

Offices and shops

Commercial real estate with a constant flow of people becomes a showroom for interior design and an expression of art! They are the perfect places to combine acoustic performance with creativity. “Celenit” offers creative design solutions, customized with a variety of interior design systems that meet the acoustic needs of offices and shops.

Public spaces

Public spaces for the community and the gathering of people, such as auditoriums and conference centers, are characterized by large volumes and a continuous flow of people. The acoustics are not normally ideal due to the poorly distributed smooth and reflecting surfaces. “Celenit” panels are a solution offering a high-impact design for large public spaces where echo problems make communication between people difficult.

Industrial Buildings

Workers in factories and other industrial buildings are exposed to higher noise levels compared to other workplaces, so it is important to design comfortable acoustic conditions to maintain workers’ productivity and psychophysical health. In addition, production must not disturb people living near the production facilities. Solutions with “Celenit” sound-absorbing panels provide very good acoustic comfort, protecting against the harm that excessive noise causes to the people working there. All this creates a fruitful working environment.

Sound absorption

“Celenit” surfaces can be classified as natural sound insulators. They dissipate sound energy through their cellular structure by progressively reducing the energy that is converted into heat. They have a very good level of sound absorption, especially at higher frequencies (high tones) which are more common. The absorption of the “Celenit” panel increases with thickness and when combined with a layer of mineral wool.


Suspended ceilings and coverings “Celenit” provide a favorable environment through natural materials. Specialized products create a comfortable living environment for users in particularly overcrowded buildings. They are environmentally friendly, certified by ANAB-ICEA and natureplus, which ensures that they do not harm human health. The surfaces do not contain critical emissions of carcinogens, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds LOC and asbestos, according to EN 13964.

Fire protection

Fire safety must be designed very carefully in public places to avoid risk to people’s lives and damage to goods and buildings. Pine fiber panels are classified in fire Euroclass A2-s1,d0 and B-s1,d0. The fire resistance values of the false ceilings can reach 60 minutes of fire resistance (EI60 certificate), maintaining its aesthetic appearance and acoustic qualities.

Accidental ceiling drop safety

Thanks to the rigidity and mechanical resistance of the boards, “Celenit” provides certified solutions to ensure the safety of people under “Celenit” suspended ceilings when there is a risk of dangerous material falling, especially from old ceilings. “Celenit” boards can be easily removed if an inspection of the ceiling is required to check its safety over the time.

Impact resistance

Impact resistance is essential in sports facilities. “Celenit” has certified solutions for false ceilings and wall coverings that are resistant to being hit by balls. This feature is very important to guarantee the stability of covering systems. The resistance of the boards has been tested by Giordano Institute, according to EN 13964 and DIN 18032-3, obtaining the A1 class resistance, which is highest attainable.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

“Celenit” products have good thermal insulation characteristics. Furthermore, “Celenit” offers a wide range of solutions for acoustic insulation with sound insulating power certified for partitions, perimeter walls and lightweight roofs. These certifications are essential to correctly assess the acoustic insulation of the façade.

Sustainability and eco-compatibility

The raw materials that compose eco-friendly “Celenit” boards are: wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC ™ or FSC® certificate); Portland cement and calcium carbonate residue of marble to form the percentage of recycled material (ICEA certificate). The production process has low resource consumption and low emissions.

Innovative design

Wood wool panels can be used for countless creative solutions. Applications with partitions, finishing works and furniture. The simplicity of the boards allows the creation of attractive shapes with an innovative design. “Celenit” panels are of high aesthetic value, able to meet all modern expectations of designers. From the textures to the different colors available, designers have many creative options to shape their own architectural projects and customize interior design.

“Celenit “АBE:
Nominal thickness: 15 – 35 mm.
Panel size: 0.60 x 2.00 m.
Thread thickness: 1.00mm.

“Celenit “АВ:
Nominal thickness: 15 – 50 mm.
Panel size: 0,60 х 1,20 m.
Thread thickness: 2,00 mm.

“Celenit ” N:
Nominal thickness: 15 – 75 mm.
Panel size: 0,60 х 1,20 m.
Thread thickness: 3,00 mm.

Звукоизолационни панели “Celenit”

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