Mineral wool boards for lightweight partition walls “Izocam”

A special product by “Izocam” made of mineral wool boards for the insulation of lightweight partition walls made of plasterboard. Acoustic wool has unique characteristics, providing heat insulation, sound insulation and fire protection. Mineral wool plates stand straight, without support and do not fall off during installation. The wool does not lose its properties over time. It does not rot and has protection against insects and microorganisms. The boards can be used for fire protection in all types of residential and public buildings – fire reaction class A1 – non-combustible material.

The mineral wool boards “Izocam” is ideal for insulation in the following cases:

• Lightweight prefabricated partition walls with metal or wooden substructure and plasterboard panels.

• Thermal insulation and sound insulation.
• Fire safety.
• Easy installation.
• Lightweight material.

Size of the boards: 0.60 x 1.20m.

The batting is available in two densities:
• 14 kg/m3, λD= 0.038 W/mK.
• 18kg/m3, λD= 0.035 W/mK.

Минерална вата на плочи за леки преградни стени “Izocam”

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