Thermal insulation jackets for valves “Vjack”

“Vjack” jackets are used for thermal insulation of all types of valves (piston valve, globe valve, throttle valve, etc.), which are manufactured according to DIN, ANSI and API standards. They are made of silicone cloth, fiber glass fabric. The wool industrial jacket has silicone on the outside and rock wool filling that withstands up to 600 ˚C.

“Vjack” insulating jackets are manufactured according to all standards and their main purpose is to reduce energy and financial costs. They are also used to protect personnel from burns by reducing the temperature of the exposed surfaces of the pipelines.

The insulating jacket “Vjack” is extremely convenient because it is very easy to put on and take off, thus facilitating the maintenance of the valve. The valve jacket is extremely easy to install in three steps:
instrukcii za polagane na qke za klapani

Топлоизолационни якета за клапани Vjack

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