Expanded polystyrene boards “Ragnar”

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a microporous man-made organic material, 95% air, enclosed in spheres of the lattice of the EPS polymer known as Styropor (Styropor is a trademark of BASF and denotes the name of the raw material from which EPS is produced). EPS (expanded polystyrene, styrofoam) is a thermal insulation material that has been used successfully for years in the insulation of: roofs, walls, ceilings, floors of offices and residential buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. This particularly effective insulation material saves heating costs quickly and easily.

To be stored in a dry and cool place, at a distance of at least 1.5 m from heating elements. Keep away from ultraviolet rays (direct sunlight), moisture and mechanical damage!

The base on which RAGNAR EPS 70F thermal insulation boards are installed must be clean, dry and stable, without cracks and pre-levelled. It must be strong, load-bearing and not contain separating substances (fats, bitumen, dust). All unhealthy areas and layers with weak mechanical resistance must be removed from it in advance. Unevennesses over 20 mm must be leveled with lime-cement plaster three days before the installation of the thermal insulation boards. All dirt, release agent residues and vapour-tight paint coatings must be completely removed (with a high-pressure steam jet). Areas covered with mold and fungi are cleaned mechanically (with a wire brush), then disinfected with a suitable detergent. Salting on the base is washed and brushed dry. Old walls without coatings or with sufficiently strong ones are cleaned of dust with a brush, then washed with water under pressure and allowed to dry completely. For foundations soaked in moisture, remove the source of moisture and allow to dry completely.

Consumption rate: 1 m2/m2.

Width of plates: 500 mm

Length of plates: 1000 mm

Plate thickness: 50mm

Плоскости от експандиран полистирол “Ragnar”

The information is based on the knowledge and latest technical achievements and experience that we have as of the date of the latest version. The technical recommendations regarding the application that we give to support buyers and users of our products are non-binding and do not give rise to contractual legal relations or additional obligations arising from the purchase contract. They do not relieve purchasers of the need to check for themselves the applicability of the products according to the guidelines for each particular specific application. As a manufacturer, we guarantee the quality of the product, but we cannot influence the conditions and manner of its use. The product must be installed by qualified personnel.

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