Mineral wool rolls for light partition walls and ceilings “Izocam”

The mineral wool rolls by “Izocam” are suitable for sound insulation and thermal insulation of buildings. Fire protection in buildings plays an essential role in safety. The class of reaction to fire of mineral wool on a roll is A1 – non-combustible material. The low thermal conductivity of the wool helps to prevent heat from entering the building in the summer, and the effect is reversed in the winter and the heat in the premises is preserved. Home heating and cooling costs are reduced.

In addition to offering very good thermal insulation, “Izocam” mineral wool rolls also have sound insulation properties due to their elasticity. That is why they can also be applied for insulation from airborne noise between rooms or against external noise. Insulation with mineral wool creates a healthy indoor climate.

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The mineral wool rolls by “Izocam” are ideal for sound and heat insulation in the following cases:

• Pitched roof (between the beams) or on the floor of the last floor, without load.
• Lightweight prefabricated partition walls with metal or wooden substructure and plasterboard panels.
• Pre-wall cladding.
• Suspended ceilings.

• Thermal insulation and sound insulation.
• Fire safety.
• Easy installation.
• Lightweight material.

The mineral wool rolls can have thicknesses from 2.50 cm to 20 cm.

Standard width: 120 cm /60cm+60 cm/

Length: 500 cm – 2400 cm.

The mineral wool rolls can also be produced with a coating of kraft paper or glass veil.

Минерална вата на рула за леки преградни стени и тавани “Izocam”

Their application temperature is up to 250º C.

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