Mineral wool rolls for thermal insulation of solar panels “Izocam Solar Blankets”

The mineral wool rolls are produced in two colors ‘Solar 35C’ and ‘Solar 35C Black’, with SPF certification. They are used for thermal insulation of solar panels.

Crafted with precision and expertise, the insulation effectively reduces heat loss, ensuring optimal performance and cost savings. The mineral wool is made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. The wool is strong and resistant to moisture, chemicals and harsh weather conditions. The installation of ‘IZOCAM Solar Blankets 35C – 35C Black’ is problem-free, thanks to the light and easy-to-handle material. The batting can be easily cut and shaped to fit different solar panel configurations.

The mineral wool rolls ‘IZOCAM Solar Blankets 35C – 35C Black’ are ideal for thermal insulation of:

• Solar panels.

• Very good thermal insulation.
• Excellent fire safety.
• Easy to install.
• Available in different sizes.
• Lightweight material.
• SPF certified.

Минерална вата на рула за топлоизолация на соларни панели “Izocam Solar Blankets”

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