Facade plaster “Terazid Silicate”

“Silicate” is a facade plaster based on liquid alkaline silicate and dispersions with added mineral fillers with selected grain size, pigment pastes and auxiliary additives. The plaster is produced in a wide range of colors and the final decorative effect is a drawn or scratched structure. Convenience when preparing for work is that the plaster is ready for use, it is offered as a pasty mixture in plastic buckets, colored according to the manufacturer’s catalog, and for larger quantities, according to the color specified by the customer.

The purpose of “Silicate” is to make a fine protective-decorative plaster for external elements of buildings, walls and ceilings. The plaster creates a white or colored waterproof rough surface with guaranteed vapor permeability, washing resistance, cold resistance.

“Silicate” enables an exceptional variety in the architectural solutions of facades and individual facade elements with:

• wide color range.

• type of structures.

• size of structural grains and the direction of material withdrawal during structuring.


• at 1.5 mm: about 2.5 kg/m2
•at 2 mm: about 2.9 kg/m2
•at 2.5 mm: about 3.6 kg/m2
•at 3 mm: about 4.3 kg/m2

• at 1.0 mm: about 1.9 kg/m2
• at 1.3 mm: about 2.5 kg/m2
•at 1.5 mm: about 2.8 kg/m2
• at 2 mm: about 3.5 kg/m2


• the material is a ready-to-lay product.

• processing time after laying: 10-15 minutes.

• operating temperature: from +8°С to +35°С.

• resistance to rain: after 16 hours.

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