Stone wool boards with a veil for ventilated facades “Izocam”

Stone wool board, with one-sided coating of black fiberglass veil, which is used in the system for ventilated facades. The system includes: external cladding, sub-cladding structure consisting of wooden or metal profiles, ventilation hole, thermal insulation from stone wool. The insulation boards are laid in the sub-cladding construction with the glass veil facing outwards. The veil prevents the wool from becoming dusty. Fire safety is ensured, the fire reaction class of this wadding is A1 – non-combustible material.

The wool also has excellent heat and sound insulation properties. This type of facade solutions gives many architectural options for final covering. They are applicable to all types of buildings (residential and administrative), in case of new construction or reconstruction. Vapor permeability is ensured – condensation is prevented on the external surfaces, as well as inside the building.

Stone wool boards with a veil for ventilated facades “Izocam” ideal for sound and heat insulation in the following cases:

• Ventilated facades.

• Thermal insulation.

• Fire safety.

• Vapor permeability.

• Sound insulation.

• Long lasting solution.

Каменна вата на плочи с воал за вентилируеми фасади “Izocam”

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