Stone wool boards with aluminum foil “Izocam”

Stone wool boards with aluminum foil can be used for insulation and fireproofing of fireplaces. An important aspect in the installation and execution of fireplaces is the insulation of the entire space around the combustion chamber with stone wool, which is covered with aluminum foil. The aim is to form a closed space, and the heat from the camera body and the stainless steel tube goes directly into the living space, and not to heat inert media such as walls. The insulation also helps to keep the temperature of the decorative surface of the fireplace from being high, so that it can be touched calmly and the decorative finish is not disturbed.

Aluminum foil coated wool is also used for external thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection of air conditioning and ventilation ducts. The boards with aluminum foil are also used for heat and sound insulation and fire protection in residential and industrial buildings. They can be installed on roofs, walls and ceilings in a wooden or metal structure. The aluminum foil serves as a vapor barrier and plays the role of a screen – it reflects the heat. The fire reaction class of cotton wool is A1 – non-combustible material.

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Stone wool boards with aluminum foil of “Izocam” is ideal for thermal insulation of:

• Air conditioning and ventilation ducts.

• Very good thermal insulation properties.
• Fire safety.
• Fast and easy installation.
• Suitable sizes.

Каменна вата на плочи с алуминиево фолио “Izocam”

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