Cement board “Knauf Aquapanel Universal”

“Aquapanel” universal cement board, 8 mm thick, is a waterproof construction board made of aggregated Portland cement covered with a glass fiber mesh embedded in the front and back of the board. The flat offers all the advantages of drywall. The width edges are cut straight and the longitudinal edges are reinforced for extra strength (the EasyEdge®). The thin and extremely light board provides a strong surface for indoor and outdoor use. The 8 mm board is non-combustible (class A1 according to EN 13501).

Field of application of cement boards “Knauf Aquapanel Universal”:

For internal use:
• Tile base for cladding. Limited by wall height up to 2750 mm and cladding weight of 30 kg/m2.

For external application:
• Direct installation on steel structure with OSB boards for base.
• As a cladding on a steel or wooden structure, for example when renovating concrete or masonry.
• For covering small areas, covering beams or ventilation shafts, drainage pipes.

• Waterproof construction board.
• Non-combustible.
• Thin and extremely light.

Thicknesses (mm): 8

Width (mm): 1,200

Lengths (mm): 2,400

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