Gypsum boards for radiation protection “Knauf Safeboard”

Knauf countertops are the basis of any aesthetically pleasing space. With their correct selection, optimal functionality, security and quality are achieved. The application of the boards depends on the location, the requirements of building physics, aesthetics, functionality. “Knauf” systems will satisfy the requirements of modern construction.

Type DF according to BDS EN 520, reaction to fire class A2-s1d0 according to BDS EN 13501-1. For partition walls, suspended ceilings, for isolation of rooms in which devices emitting radiation or X-rays are used. It does not contain lead. They provide protection that is equivalent to lead. The core is identified using a yellow color. Plasterboard color: gray.

Field of application of standard gypsum boards “Knauf Safeboard”:

• Used in dry construction systems, with fire protection requirements.
• For isolation of rooms in which devices emitting radiation or X-rays are used.

• Thanks to the “Knauf Safeboard”, laying lead strips on the joints is a thing of the past. “Knauf Safeboard” does NOT contain lead.
• The boards are easy to cut and break.
• Security in execution and control. With its yellow core, the board is easily recognized and thus it is easy to control whether the required number of boards is installed.
• Does not pollute the environment.

Gypsum boards for radiation protection Knauf Safeboard

Thickness (mm): 12.5
Width (mm): 625
Lengths (mm): 2,500

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