Super fine ready putty for a perfect surface “Knauf Finitura”

A super fine finished paste that is applied as a final coat before paint. The mixture has a fairly fine grain size. It is easily processed thanks to its pasty consistency and binding properties. Low paint absorption when surface treated with Finitura. Quality level Q4.

Ideal for finishing plaster and plaster surfaces. Suitable for manual and machine laying. Only for interior use.

Creates a very smooth and fine surface.

Packaging: 6 kg and 20 kg bucket.

Nominal putty consumption: 1.67 kg/m²/mm.

Practical consumption putty Q4: plasterboard about 0.500 kg/m².

Practical putty consumption: gypsum plaster about 0.800 kg/m².

The cost strictly depends on the thickness of the putty layer.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Storage temperature: min. +10°C.

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