Industrial soundproofing panels “Celenit R”

A heat and sound insulation board specialized for roof insulation consisting of mineralized wood wool impregnated with gray portland cement and reinforced with three wooden strips. The wood wool is 3 mm wide. The product complies with the EN 13168 standard. The panels are certified by ANAB-ICEA and natureplus for the eco-compatibility of the materials and the production process. “Celenit R” is PEFC ™ certified. Also available with FSC® certification.

Sound insulation for roofs.

• Strength and mechanical stability are provided by the wooden slats in the panels.
• Fire protection.
• Water and frost resistance.
• High vapor permeability.

Panel dimensions: 2400×600 – 2000×600 mm

Thickness: 50 – 75 mm

Reaction to fire: Euroclass B-s1, d0

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