Decorative marble effect paint “Jub Decor Marmorin”

“Marmorin” is a decorative wall covering paste based on a water dispersion of acrylic adhesives, mineral particles, pigments and special additives. It is intended for treating walls with fantasy in picturesque and colorful colors.


“Jub Decor Marmorin” is ideal for:
• Apartments.
• Jewelry stores.
• Banks.
• Theaters etc.

• Mutual mixing of various colour shades.
• Regarding the treatment method, it gives the impression of stone, leather, linen cloth and wood textures.
• High water resistance is achieved by painting and applying the “Marmorin” emulsion.

Technical data: The consumption rate depends on the technique (plastering 100-300 g/m2); Density: 1.54 – 1.65 kg/l; μ factor: <100; Sd value (EN ISO 7783-2): <0.20 m class II – medium vapor permeability; Allow to dry before reapplying (T: +20 ºC, relative humidity: 65 %): approximately 24 hours; Thickness of dried layer: 2 – 3 mm; Wet friction (EN 13300): resistant, class 3. Surface: It is applied to properly prepared and smooth surfaces (plasters, concrete, gypsum and fiber-cement boards). Remove poorly adhered layers of paint, oil paints, varnishes and enamels from the already painted surface. Disinfect and clean surfaces affected by mold.

Preparation and application: It is applied in different ways, depending on the desired final effect: “spatolato” application technique (putty-application), “thick layer” application technique and other “painting” techniques. Cover the polished surface with Marmorin emulsion. Cleaning of work tools: wash tools with water immediately after use.

Color shades: JUMIX: JUB’s color catalog for paints and plasters; You can color with JUPOL Gold or Acrylcolor (up to 2%).

Consumption per m²: About 100-300g.

Packaging: 1kg, 8kg, 30kg.

* The product is available only in the “DI TRADE GROUP” warehouse in Sofia.

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