Matt interior paint “Kale Joker Plus”

Paint based on acrylic emulsion, for internal use.

“Kale Joker Plus” is ideal for:
• On new surfaces such as: concrete, plaster, cement boards, plasterboard. On old, painted surfaces or plastered walls.

• Resistant to erasure.
• Creates a matte, clean surface.
• Has high water vapor permeability, allows the wall to breathe.
• Solvent-free and odorless.
• Water-soluble, ecological paint.

Technical characteristics (at 23°C and 50% RH)

Colors: Thousands of possible colors that are obtained by machine coloring from A, B and C bases.

Composition: based on acrylic emulsion.

Solvent: water.

Density: approximately 1.54 g/cm3.

Application temperature range: (+5°C)-(+35°C).

Drying time: the second layer can be applied after 2 hours, complete drying is after 24 hours.

Consumption rate: depending on how smooth and porous the surface is – approximately 0.100 l/m2 for one layer.

Method of application: by brush, roller or spraying.

Instructions for use: The base must be cleaned of dust, dirt and old coatings that can prevent good adhesion. If necessary, cracks on the surface should be filled and putty. It is advisable to prime heavily soiled, porous surfaces or surfaces with old paints that will change color beforehand. The paint is mixed well and diluted with water to a maximum of 25% of the volume. It is applied in two layers with a brush, roller or by spraying. Between the laying of individual layers, you should wait about 2 hours. Clean tools with water. The temperature in the room, during laying and during the next 24 hours, must be above 5°C.

Storage: Store at temperatures from 5°C to 35°C in original, unopened packaging.

Packaging: 2.5l, 7.5l and 15l drums.

*The product is available only at the “DI TRADE GROUP” warehouse in Burgas.

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