Acoustic diffuser “Square Raster Absorber”

“Square Raster Absorber” is a product with very good results in the absorption of medium and high frequencies. The use of the product in recording studios, TV studios and radio studios guarantees exceptional acoustic results. The advantage of the product is its modern look, good acoustic properties, extremely easy installation even by non-professionals. During installation, the holes in the base can be used to hide cables.

The acoustic material “Square Raster Absorber” is suitable for use in television and radio studios, recording studios, sound processing rooms, rehearsal rooms, music halls, public rooms, concert halls and auditoriums where it is necessary to improve the acoustic environment.

• Simple design.
• Good acoustic properties.
• Easy installation.
• Various applications.

Material: technical polyurethane foam.
Density: 28 kg/m³.
Color: Dark gray.
Panel dimensions: 50 x 50 cm.
Thickness: 7.5 cm.
Installation method: “Square Raster Absorber” is easy to install, by direct gluing with polyurethane or polychloroprene glue, both on walls and ceilings.

“Square Raster Absorber” is an acoustic panel and has no sound insulation properties, making it unsuitable for sound insulation of walls and sound insulation of ceilings.

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