Protective wax (emulsion) “Jub Decor Marmorin Shine”

“Marmorin emulsion” is a water-based protective wax for surfaces treated with “Marmorin”.

“Marmorin emulsion” is ideal for:

• Wall surfaces treated with “Marmorin”.

• It increases gloss and water repellence of surfaces treated with “Marmorin”.
• Resistant to wet scrubbing .

Preparation and application: Apply one or two layers. Apply with a cloth or sponge. Cleaning of working tools: wash with water immediately after use.

Color shades: Colorless.

Technical data: Consumption rate: approximately 50 ml/m2 for applying one layer.

Storage: 24 months in original sealed undamaged packaging, in dry and ventilated rooms at temperatures from +5 °C to +25 °C. It should not freeze.

Consumption per m²: About 50 ml.

Packaging: 500 ml. Plastic bottle.

* The product is only available in the “DI TRADE GROUP” warehouse in Sofia

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