Suspended ceiling “Amf Thermatex Feinfresco”

The mineral fiber decorative panels for suspended ceilings with a fine, perforated structure, suitable for dry rooms.

“Amf Thermatex Feinfresko” features an uneven textured finish and offers good sound absorption for better acoustic comfort. Suspended ceilings have built-in fire protection, high values ​​of sound insulation and sound absorption. The individual panels are easy to replace at any time and access to the installations in the hollow room becomes hassle-free.

Area of ​​application of suspended ceiling “AMF THERMATEX FEINFRESKO”:

• Type of building: Office, Commercial.
• Room Type: Conference Hall, Open Office, Private Offices, Lobby / Reception, Cafeteria, Corridor, Mall Gallery, Boutique, Supermarket / Department Store.

(EPD) Certified

“EPDs” are independently verified and registered documents that provide transparent and comparable information on the environmental impact of products over the life cycle.

Biodegradable cotton wool

The mineral wool used in our products is biodegradable and therefore does not pose a health hazard. The two quality labels “RAL” and “EUCEB” guarantee the biosolubility of the wadding through regular testing.


The higher level “Indoor Air Comfort GOLD – certified product” indicates additional compliance of the product’s emissions with the criteria of many of the voluntary specifications issued by the most relevant ecolabels and similar specifications in the EU and the requirements for sustainable building certificates. Certified products are therefore those with best-in-class low emissions, thus good for indoor air quality.

Окачен таван Thermatex Feinfresko

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