Acoustic diffuser “Gyza Raster Absorber”

“Gyza Raster Absorber” is made of technical polyurethane, specially designed to absorb medium and high frequencies. The geometry and size of its raster makes it maximally effective for any specialized premises. Each plate has cavities and slots that further contribute to the efficiency of the panel.

The use of the product in conference and teleconference rooms, call centers, television and radio studios, recording studios, sound processing rooms, rehearsal rooms, music halls, public rooms, concert halls and auditoriums.

• Innovative polygonal design.
• Excellent acoustic properties.
• Easy assembly and cutting.
• Suitable for application on walls and ceilings.

Material: technical polyurethane foam.
Density: 28 kg/m3.
Color: Dark gray.
Plate dimensions: 50 x 50 cm.
Panel thickness: 9.5 cm.
Installation method: Gluing with polyurethane or polychloroprene glue; suitable for walls and ceilings.

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