Decorative cotton wool panels for suspended ceilings “Izocam”

The suspended ceiling panels of the “Izocam” company are made of mineral wool with a decorative PVC coating. Depending on the relief of this cover, the following models are available: Random, Labyrinth and Moonscape. They are used to achieve acoustic comfort – they modify the acoustics of the environment, prevent echoes and absorb noise. They have good thermal insulation properties. On top of them, for additional thermal insulation, a roll of mineral wool can be installed. They can also be used to cover air ducts for ventilation and air conditioning, electrical installations, etc. The panels are extremely light, very easy to cut and install on the pre-built construction of profiles. The light reflection coefficient of the PVC coating is 0.81 and does not irritate the eyes.

• Conference and concert halls, radio and TV studios.
• Health facilities.
• School institutions.
• Gyms and fitness centers.
• Exhibition halls.
• Shopping centers.
• Business centers.
• Rooms with high humidity.

They are moisture resistant, flexible and with good thermal insulation properties.

Декоративни пана от вата Izocam

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