Anti-vibration mat “Isolgomma Megamat ME”

In construction and industry, the “Megamat” series is an effective solution against sound pollution caused by vibrations and reverberant noise coming from running machines, presses and/or air handling systems. “Megamat” is suitable for laying under slabs and/or floating floors to provide partial or complete isolation of vibrations caused by heavy or lighter machines and precision devices. Thanks to its special structure of rubber fibers and granules and the wide range of available thicknesses and densities, this series is extremely effective against high and low frequency vibrations.

“Megamat” products can be supplied in the form of panels or mats of various sizes to be placed as an inner layer and/or as anti-vibration pads. The surfaces are made of SBR and EPDM rubber fibers and granules, selected and hot pressed with polyurethane connecting elements. On one side, the boards have a tear-resistant layer that protects them during the casting of the concrete or from mechanical damage.

The insulating mat can be used as: a layer installed directly under the machine or the source of vibration, placed or glued to the floor covering; as an elastic covering of the foundation of the machine. In this case, the material is laid on the base and walls of the foundation.

The most common area of ​​application is the reduction of vibrations resulting from the operation of machines, with the aim of reducing acoustic pollution, reducing the risks for workers who are exposed to noise and vibrations, improving and extending the life of the machine itself and its reliability. The “Megamat” anti-vibration system enables the reduction of vibration levels and transmitted noises according to European requirements, respectively, for residential and industrial buildings.

“Megamat” products are widely used for cyclic machines such as:

• Rotary presses.
• Looms.
• Compressors.
• Facilities that process the air /chillers/ and electrical generators.
• Lathes, drawing machines.
• Pulse/Other running machines.

“Megamat” products are suitable even for heavy loads such as: presses, wooden hammers, motors, compressors and air conditioning systems. They are extremely suitable for laying under washing machines, dishwashers and all types of fitness equipment. Our “Megamat” series is designed for the development of isolation and silencing systems, active and passive, for extremely precise machines and tools, the series creates efficient and definitive solutions.

• Easy installation.
• Self-draining, frost-resistant product.
• Resistant to oils and moderately aggressive acids.

Long-lasting quality and durability.

The “Megamat” mats can be made to order in different sizes and thicknesses according to the customer’s requirements.

Thickness: 10mm to 50mm.
Panel size: 1.00 x 1.00 m.
Density: 700 kg/m3.
Constant coefficient of elasticity (Es) – 10% compression: 1.020 N/mm2.
Dynamic modulus of elasticity (Ed) – 10% compression: 1,850 N/mm2.
Fire resistance: B2.

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