Stain isolation paint “Denikol”

“Denikol” is made on the basis of slaked lime and special additives. It is used to block substances that dissolve quickly and easily in water on walls and ceilings, such as nicotine and tar stains, salts in wet stains, tannin and other colorants, small grease stains and the like. Effectively isolates stains.

”Denikol” is ideal for:
• Dry interior surfaces (walls and ceilings) where old layers of paint are well adhered to the surface.

• Effectively isolates stains.

Surface: “Denikol” isolates only stains on dry interior surfaces (walls and ceilings) where the old layers are well adhered to the surface. Due to its specific action, this product is used to isolate spots that have not been covered with solutions or water-based dispersion paints, because they do not allow the interaction of Denikol with the surface. It is not permissible to apply any type of primer to the surface.

Color shades: White.

Consumption rate: approximately 150 – 400 ml/m2 for two-layer application; Density: approximately 1.15 kg/l; μ factor: <100; Sd value (EN ISO 7783-2): <0.01 m class I – high vapor permeability; VOC: max.. 0.4 g/l; To dry before second application (T: +20 ºC, relative humidity: 65 %): dry to the touch: approximately 24 hours, after this period a second application is also possible; Preparation and application: Apply with a brush or roller. Stir well before use and for a few minutes during application. Protect the glass, frames and sills of windows and doors before starting work. Dilute with a minimum amount of water. One layer is applied. Cleaning of working tools: with water.

Consumption per m²: 150-400 ml.

Packaging: 5 l. plastic box.

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