Sound insulation for under cement screed “Basemat”

High soundproofing qualities in reduced thickness, quick, easy and precise laying of the product. Resistant to mechanical impacts during construction processes.

The product “Basemat” is a budget and highly effective solution for sound insulation from impact noise on floors.

The use of a special recycled rubber called SBR gives the product high resistance and elasticity, making it an excellent impact noise insulator for all floors.
The product has high sound insulation characteristics and is extremely easy to lay.
The durable and flexible pad adheres very well to the base and thanks to the self-adhesive tape on its edges, it can be applied quickly and easily with great precision.

• Floating screed floors.
• Thick screeds.
• Floors in industrial premises.
• Heated floors.

Sound insulation membrane in a roll with a thickness of 4 mm. Made from SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) fibers and rubber granules, sealed with the help of a latex binder in a hot process. On one side, the base is a synthetic, non-woven anti-stretch backing 90 g/m².

The dimensions of the rolls are: length 5 m, width 104 cm with a 4 cm overlap strip included during installation.

Membrane weight: 1.35 kg / m²

Dynamic hardness: 67 MN / m³.

Installation: before screed, without gluing.

Impact noise improvement: ≥ 19 dB

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