Three-layer sound insulation panel for walls and ceilings “Isolgomma Rewall 53”

The cladding “Rewall” is multi-layered, with a plasterboard base lined with a sound-absorbing layer of polyester fibers and a high-density rubber membrane. “Rewall” is ideal for application on existing walls where sound insulation needs to be improved. The cladding has high heat and sound insulation qualities, is easy to install and is environmentally friendly, as it is made from recycled and processed materials. “Rewall” is specially developed for interior partition walls in residential construction, it is installed directly on existing walls with screws and without the need to remove previous plaster or plasterboard.
The “Rewall” series is part of our family of rubber products, created according to eco-friendly technology and production processes, allowing the use of more than 92% recycled and / or recycled materials. This series contributes to achieving a point of standard in the LEED® system in the MR 1-1.1 – 1.2-2-3- 4- 5 code area.

The “Rewall” series is ideal for heat insulation and sound insulation in the following cases:

• Thermal and sound insulation improvements for interior partition walls in residential construction.

• Placement on places where additional masonry is not possible.

• Cladding of existing walls without installing additional partitions.

• Sound insulation and thermal insulation of walls and suspended ceilings.

• Durability and stability.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Can be mounted on existing walls.

• Combines heat insulation and sound insulation.

Nominal thickness: 53 mm.

Panel size: 1.20 x 2.00 m.

Weight: 18.00 kg./m2

Coefficient of sound insulation of air noise: 57-60 dB

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0.053

Fire resistance: F

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