Baffle for suspended ceiling “Parmephon Canopy”

The “Parmephon Canopy” system is created by horizontally suspending fabric-covered panels that provide sound absorption and improve interior acoustics. Decorative acoustic application is particularly preferred for noise minimization in large open office environments. The “Parmephon Canopy” product range is the answer to your acoustic and aesthetic needs with its powerful sound absorption characteristics. The Parmephon Canopy provides a clean appearance with balanced acoustic control. Available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Ideal for open office environments, lobbies, conference rooms, reception rooms, museums to reduce echo and reflection.

Area of ​​application of acoustic panels for suspended ceiling “PARMEPHON CANOPY”:

• Offices.
• Conference rooms.
• Lobby rooms.
• Reception rooms.
• Museums.

• Effective acoustics.
• Fire resistance.
• Easy to clean.
• Moisture resistance.
• Easy installation.

Material: Mineral wool with a density of 95 kg/m3.

Sizes: Can be produced in custom sizes.

Thickness: 40 mm.

Edge Detail: Extra reinforced.

Fire resistance: Class A2 s1 d0 in accordance with UNE-EN 13501-1:2007.

Environmental impact: Fully recyclable.

Acoustic performance: NRC value 0.95 – 1.00.

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