Dry plaster “Thrakon DEC 424/425”

Dry noble facade plaster on a cement base for decorative layout of facades. It is laid on concrete, lime-cement plasters, plasters and all kinds of other mineral bases. For indoor and outdoor use, water repellent and UV resistant. Requires prior priming with acrylic primer. DEC 424 is used as a finishing coating to shape facades and interior spaces of newly built and old buildings. It is used as a finishing coating in the three-layer THRAKON masonry plastering system.

“Thrakon DEC 424/425” is ideal for:
• Facades.

High quality product.

Structure: scraped.

Grain size: 1.5 mm / 2.0 mm.

Color: white.

DEC 424 is applied by hand or by machine.

Laying: The substrate must be dry, with good load-bearing capacity, free of dirt and layers that are weakly bonded to the substrate or impair bonding. It is recommended to pre-treat the base with the acrylic primer THRAKON GLX 294. In cases of highly absorbent substrates, two coats of primer should be applied. DEC 424 can also be applied to walls plastered with GHP 210 Primer Plaster, FHP 225 Plaster or FHP 221 Plaster.


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