Metal panels for suspended ceilings “Aspen Integra”

The company “ASPEN” offers a wide range of diverse products with specific characteristics and a wide selection of applications that the construction sector needs. With “Integra” suspended ceiling and wall systems, you have access to high quality, acoustics and aesthetics, quick installation and budget solutions.

The panels are manufactured in accordance with high manufacturing standards and are of excellent quality. They are mounted with different suspension systems – hidden suspension or visible construction.

Metal panels for suspended ceilings “ASPEN INTEGRA” are suitable for:

• Offices
• Shopping centers
• Airports
• Sports halls
• Metro stations, etc.

• Strength
• Acoustic comfort
• Variety of perforations and colors
• Easy assembly and disassembly
• Possibility of various architectural projects

They are available with a straight or dropped board. They can be smooth or perforated with different diameters and open area. Depending on this, they have different acoustic properties. They are manufactured in standard color RAL 9010 or RAL 9006. On request, they can be produced in other colors according to the RAL palette. On request, they can also be covered with antibacterial paint, for areas with high hygiene requirements. They are available without or with an acoustic veil coating.

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